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Biomedical Ephemera’s Cat Surgery and Wedding Celebration Giveaway!

ALRIGHT! Let’s do this. I’ve been meaning to do a giveaway for a really long time, so I’ve accumulated WAY too much stuff. Why now? Because I’m getting married in, like, three weeks, and I want to share some of the celebration with you guys! Yay!

**Save Zarkoth, Destroyer of Carpets!**

Much more importantly, though, I’m also doing this because my kitty needs his tooth removed, and all of our upcoming expenses mean that we can’t get this done on our own. The full story is at the donation website, and I want to get the word out that an awesome kitty could use a buck or two if you have it.

You do not have to donate to be entered into the giveaway. I really just want to get the word out so that those who can help know about it.

With that out of the way, this is the first of three lots - the other two will be posted at the end of the month, after this is concluded.

Lot 1:

  • ONE “Dr. Miles’ New Joke Book” from 1936 Full of terrible jokes and testimonials. Advertisement for Dr. Miles’ Anti-Pain Pills.
  • Choice of TWO: Inflatable Frog, Inflatable Bird, Inflatable Turtle, fossil Deinonychus life-sized wall wrap.
  • ONE Inflatable Perch Including internal organs illustrated on the side, with diagrams and teaching tools.
  • ONE Kidney-On-A-Stick Reverse is a regular kidney model, without internal components shown.
  • Choice of ONE: Inflatable Marie Curie OR Benjamin Franklin. Perfect for pranking or terrifying your science-inclined friends! Both heads have trivia about their subjects on the back.
  • THREE “Wild Wraps” Bush babies and black panthers. Perfect for organizing cords, hanging from your ponytail, or guarding your treasures!
  • Choice of ONE:
    100 Flowers and How They Got Their Names by Diana Wells OR Wicked Bugs by Amy Stewart. Both are fascinating, have bizarre, curious, and fun trivia and facts about their subjects, and I’ve used both as resources for the blog!

Giveaway Rules:

Again, you do not have to donate OR follow me to be entered, but if you like any of this stuff, you’ll probably like my blog!
Check it out!

  1. "Like" the post for one entry, reblog for a second entry. Two entries max. If the post is reblogged more than once, only the first two times will count.
  2. Winner will be chosen via Random Number Generator.
  3. The winner will be chosen on Monday, April 21, 2014.
  4. Winner will be contacted via “Ask” so please keep your ask box open!
  5. Winner will have three days to respond, before I re-roll the number.
  6. I will ship worldwide.
  7. What with the wedding, kitty surgery, and everything else coming up, please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery - though hopefully it will only take a few days!
  8. If you win this lot, you cannot win another. Feel free to promote them all, though ;D
  9. Give yourself a hug, because you’re awesome and love weird science!


My novel is actually an instructional booklet for peace for world peace, in the form of a novel, in the form of a mystery, adventure, suspense novel. A drama.

And this is a rejection letter, in the form of a letter of rejection.

Happy Birthday Mr. Peter Dougan Capaldi April 14th 1958


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If Stevie Nicks Ran A Weather Forecast

Haha, didn't you know?! Alas, House Frey are numerous and treacherous... not like you at all!

I’ve never watched Game of Thrones so I had no idea!  There is even a Zachery Frey, but my Zack isn’t watching it, despite repeated requests. 


The houses of Game of Thrones reimagined as modern brands (x)

i think i choked on tears at ‘Frey celebrations’

Apr 8


OK I’ve been itching to post this for a couple of weeks but had to wait. This is the second trailer for Armello that I had the opportunity to work on, along with my partner aeronik (who did a fat portion of it). Why did I wait until now?

Because as of today the Kickstarter is live so I’m letting you all know because it’s a kick-ass project headed by a very talented group of guys here in Melbourne called League of Geeks. I’ve never been a table top gamer, but when I had a little play with the alpha I couldn’t put it down, so I’m real keen to see this project get backed. Plus seeing the passion and dedication that LoG have makes me certain that Armello will be something that looks like nothing else out there. I’ve been keeping an eye on similar format games and none of them come close in visual appeal as this does.

The game has had great feedback from online media and magazines, and has been show at numerous international game conferences. So people in the know have already given it a thumbs up.

But of course, the project needs financial support to take the game from alpha to release. Not only that, but there’s a chunk of cool stuff to go along with it, like real-life dice, figurines, a plushie, and art books in the rewards.

The soundtrack’s a blinder but it couldn’t be anything less with Michael Allen and Lisa Gerrard!

So please, please offer your support for this project! If you’re unable to chip in some funds, please share this post around and let people know about the Kickstarter. Not only do I want to work on this project again, and not only do I want to play the game, but I want to see a group of talented, dedicated local game developers get their project made. Because seeing their hard work and sweat and every spare moment being taken in crafting this game makes me proud an as Aussie and inspired as an animator. And you know, if the price is right, we get to do more animation for it!

Go look at the Kickstarter page, be distracted by Trent’s moustache, bathe in the wonderful art and support Armello however and wherever you can!

Apr 8

Urgent security update


Bad news. A major vulnerability, known as “Heartbleed,” has been disclosed for the technology that powers encryption across the majority of the internet. That includes Tumblr.

We have no evidence of any breach and, like most networks, our team took immediate action to fix the issue.

But this…

Apr 8